Brachypelma boehmei

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Common Name(s): Mexican Fireleg

Experience Level: Beginner

Range: Pacific coast of southern Mexico (southeastern Michoacan to northwestern Guerrero)

Habitat: dry thorn forest

Habits: fossorial species that lives in burrows in thorny brush thickets and under large rocks

Behavior: fairly docile species that like all Brachypelma will readily flick urticating hairs when disturbed

Temperature & Humidity: warm [70-78°F] & moderately dry [50-60% RH]

Housing: simple terrestrial cage with plenty of ventilation (a plastic critter keeper style terrarium is excellent), dry substrate (commercial organic cactus soil mixes are excellent but dry coconut coir or 50/50 sphagnum peat moss/vermiculite mix are just as good), hiding place and very small water dish — extra care should be used when raising spiderlings as small containers typically used, such as vials or small jars with lids with small air holes, are too poorly ventilated (we use 16 oz. deli cups with insect cup style lids to raise young tarantulas)

Captive Diet: crickets, superworms, grasshoppers, small roaches

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B. boehmei