Tarantula Care Videos

© 2006-2013, Michael Jacobi and Exotic Fauna.com

Tarantulas in the Terrarium

These YouTube™ clips are excerpts from Michael Jacobi's 95-minute instructional film "TARANTULAS in the TERRARIUM", an Exotic Fauna production. To purchase the entire movie as a QuickTime Movie download for $3 please click here fo visit ExoticFauna.com.

Choosing Species

This clip offers a brief overview of some of the more popular pet tarantulas [04:25].

Tarantula Cages & Supplies

This clip takes you on a field trip to Aquatic Critter, a large reptile and fish store in Nashville, to take a look at popular cages used to house tarantulas, plus substrate, hiding places, heating devices and other reptile supplies useful in keeping tarantulas [06:41].

Tarantula Housing, Part I

This clip offers a brief overview of housing young tarantulas from early instar (spiderling) to juvenile [02:15].

Tarantula Housing, Part II

This clip offers a brief overview of housing adult tarantulas in storage containers and Kritter Keeper™ style cages [08:38].